Start your first smart 360 meeting

Be it video conferencing, virtual family meeting, online course instruction, Cupola360’s smart director and other functions will make everything slick and easy.

Automatic face tracking

360-degree image capturing without the need of multiple cameras, the Smart Director is designed to accurately capture the image of all participants in a meeting.

PIP display

Never lose focus on the participants again while you focus on the key points presented during a meeting.

Optimized image display

Regardless of the number of participants present and their seating arrangements, you will be able to find the ideal display mode that best suits your needs from the many modes available.

Support and compatibility for various video conferencing software

With Cupola360 Studio Pro, you won’t be forced to familiarize yourself with a different video conferencing software, all thanks to Cupola360 Smart Director’s impressive compatibility.

Sound localization

The software is capable of accurately locating different speakers through acoustic localization.

Face recognition and labeling

Spare yourself from the trouble of registering participants’ faces; now you can achieve the same results by attaching post-it notes on participants' faces!


Forgot your make-up? Wish you could have cleared away all that mess in the background beforehand? Or do you have sensitive information that should have been hidden? Now you can stay on top of things by applying different filters so that you can focus on what matters during your meetings!

Protection of privacy

You can configure a protected area with the software so that your family, friends and other non-participants will not appear on camera.

System requirement

Windows Minimum Recommended


Intel 4th Generation i5 or later Intel 7th Generation i5 or later


Windows 7, 10, 11


4GB or more


Minimum Recommended


MacBook Pro(2013) or later Mac mini i3(2018) or later


Mac OS X 10.15 or later


4GB or more 8GB or more

Start your first smart 360 meeting

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